• Wednesday 12


    Voice Artistry Guidance

    D. Q. Pham spoke with an audiobook narrator about everything voice artistry.

  • Friday 14


    Poster Design

    D. Q. Pham will design the poster of MFOTFOTE with the guidance of A.P., the graphic designer.

  • Saturday 15
    Sunday 16


    D. Q. Pham will administer an audition for VITO at Jenison.

  • Sunday 7

    Film Review

    Film reviewers will receive the link to the film, MFOTFOTE.

  • Monday 15

    Deadline of Cinespace 2019

    David Pham will submit the film, MFOTFOTE, prior to the deadline.

  • Tuesday 16

    Trailer Release

  • Monday 20
    Friday 24
    Saturday 25


    This musical featured K.M. as Jake Morgendorffer, J.G. as Upchuck, M.T. as Tricycle Girl, and David Pham as Principal Li.

    The performance was held at the Dog Story Theatre. Showtimes were at 19:00 and 21:00 on Monday, 19:00 on Friday and Saturday.

    This musical was GOD damn something.

  • TBA


    This company will be quick to establish themselves on all sorts of topics, hosted by CTO H.G., who recently graduated from Northern Michigan University and CEO David Pham, who graduated from Michigan State University.

    She and he will discuss the topic of the work of the upcoming projects in the secret food cave and start promptly at 25:00.

    Pour communication!

    • October 2_

      Animated Premiere

      David Pham will unveil the trailer for some to see.

      Pour communication!

    • TBD
      Comm Arts

      Michigan Premiere

      The team will have a premiere of the trailer in Michigan.

      The oil-painted three minute trailer will be held at the Communication Arts and Sciences Building at Michigan State University. The Dean will schedule the time.

      Different Moods!

      • December 2_

        Official Reveal

        David Pham will unveil ifuseso for some to see.

        Pour communication!

    • TBD
      Arthur Miller Theatre

      Q and A

      David Pham will address the theatre audience of any questions pertaining to project: Peace Particle.

      The session will be held at Auditorium at Michigan State University.

      MSU Alumni comes in Peace!

    • 8:00



      What is badASTRAL? Zoe Kissel is a filmmaker, artist, and musician specializing in post-production editing, graphic design, and film photography. Zoë Kissel is an East Lansing-based Filmmaker, Artist, and Musician. David Pham Zoë Kissel now lives in East Lansing, Michigan where she attends Michigan State University ... sci-fi short film, as well as writing the screenplay for the upcoming film Venus 1. In the Broken Jaw Studio #BrokenJawPropShop: Prop building for the upcoming film #Venus1. Juice. Filmmaker | Artist | Musician | Writer | MSU '18 | Sidewatcher and The Painted Dogs ... I will begin writing about the production of my next film "Venus 1" within the Venus 1. Venus One.

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