"Super Collide"

What discoveries can be made when matters collide? Plenty of matters are missed in these life-changing impacts, but coming around is possible with atom smashers. Set in the University to the Accelerator, Tour is a musical drama that tells the story of four physicists — Quark, Лептониа, Boson, and Atom — interacting in their field while taking on the ramifications when crossing each other's lines.

An original sung-through musical written by David Quang Pham.

Unnamed Animated Series

"A world held together with two..."

(It's All) gravy

"Brother from a different economic class."

A poor man meets a rich man basically.


"The Gravity of It All!"

A world that leaves you well-rounded or flattened.

Unannounced Novella-turnt-Play

by D. Q. Pham
  • Venus One

    Zoë Kissel
  • David Pham's Bachelor's Thesis

    Thank you Prof. Caballero
  • Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

    Heidi is the most chivalrous assistant I could ever overwork.

    David's sister is doing theatre and came across the "legacy" David had for the Wyoming Theatre Company. Yes, David did theatre. Yes, David swarmed his Vietnamese accent with a lingering British one. This is David's favourite highlight.

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    The Law of the Astral Plane

    badASTRAL are projects made by projections of ideas.

    We communicate beyond mantra and through the planes of science and art.

    badASTRAL is dedicated to grounding astronomical dreams so they are reachable. Of course, an easier way is a rocket for everyone, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, or religion, unless they are good@rseholes. Zoe Kissel is a filmmaker, artist, and musician specializing in post-production editing, graphic design, and film photography. Zoë Kissel is an East Lansing-based Filmmaker, Artist, and Musician. ... Zoë now lives in East Lansing, Michigan where she attends Michigan State University ... sci-fi short film, as well as writing the screenplay for the upcoming film Venus 1. In the #BrokenJawPropShop: Prop building for the upcoming film #Venus1. Juice. Filmmaker | Artist | Musician | Writer | MSU '18 | Sidewatcher and The Painted Dogs ... I will begin writing about the production of my next film "Venus 1" within the... Venus 1. Venus One.

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