Astrophysics and Art.

Tour A musical about finding your impact.
Tour A musical about finding your impact.

What is badASTRAL?

It’s BAD...

badASTRAL is communication. Poor communication. Out of reach. But we are a team. We are a family.

We hope you listen to our attempts in our projections.

Pistil Quips

"A hummingbird sees nothing in these stamens and eyes the pistil. However, the climate makes certain that the system blows the way she is meant to fly." An operatic play. Quip!

Thank You

Thank You All →
♬ “Pos-tive. Neg-tive” ♪QUARK from TOUR
♫ “Извините.” ♬ЛЕПТОНИА from TOUR
♪ “Still have all the spun, squark.” ♫BOSON from TOUR


What happens in this Universe

Stays in this Universe! →

The Law of the Astral Plane

badASTRAL are projects made by projections of ideas.

We communicate beyond mantra and through the planes of science and art.

badASTRAL is dedicated to grounding astronomical dreams so they are reachable. Of course, an easier way is a rocket for everyone, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, or religion.

Thank you for donating to the fight against brain cancer. (Your brain will thank you)

If you are worthy to join the Astral Plane, please connect your index finger with astral projection to email us.